Critical Research

AI for Creatives

DSD Conference, NID & WDO

Research, Design, Development

Harshali Paralikar

Me and Harshali were Invited by Tanishka Kachru to take a workshop at the Design for Social Development Conference at NID, organised by World Design Organisation.

Taking in our mutual interest in emergent technology, we decided to explore machine learning and creativity. With our core Inquiry being, “How might creatives look at AI as a tool? Not an opaque overlord”

Overtime our explorations took form of a workshop which aimed at introducing machine-learning to creatives by,
  1. Dispel the myths around AI
  2. Introducing Machine learning as a new tool
  3. Giving a handson to creatives with ML

The workshop took the form of a mix of

1. Theoretical introduction to machine learning, with exercises to visualise the algorithms as ‘pattern recognition’ and thus its strengths and limitations,

2. A handson session where groups of participants were given the task of designing chairs in ‘collaboration’ with two different MLs ( An Image Classifier and a GAN), The AI-Human hybrid designed chairs were contextualised through narratives by participants.

3. A post workshop round-table discussion around abilities, limitation, future and application of ML in participants' creative practice and critical questions around biases of the given algorithm and ethics of using ML.

The methodology, tool and learnings from the workshop is detailed in following academic paper.


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