Experience Design / Story Telling


Virtual Narratives 
National Institure of Design

Workshop by

Team Aniruddh Verma
Paul Britto
Shubangi Sangwan

As a part of exploration in Virtual Narratives we created an experience around the journey of life , Bhramar.

We created the virtual space to provide abstraction and familiarity at the same time, The womb sequence used a symmetrical ellipsoid structure with pulsating lights to give the feeling of being inside a body, the corridor sequence used a corridor from NID to provide familiarity and surrounded with surreal scaled crates , volumetric lights and lots of fog to give a semi dream like feeling, to the one who pays attention, the corridor would appear to disintegrate as the person moves from childhood section to old age, Also some objects and details of the story like the womb itself being the grave can only be viewed when someone decides to turn around at the entrance only, thus only a few of the audience member get to know what’s happening around.


3DS Max 

Final Prototype

Physical prototype of Narrative


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