Critical Inquiry

Craft Future

The Busride Labs
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Author, Researcher

Craft future is my Bachelor's thesis for B.Design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

The thesis was an exploration of Inquiry as a design practice, where the questions become the guiding principles and design/art/tech becomes the medium of Inquiry.

The thesis is presented as a collection of anthologies in the following academic publication, supplemented by blogs and instagram publication.

The lead up to the thesis was a mixture of, primary research, workshops, digital making, hacking-repurposing, cultural critique, academic writing, speculative thinking, visual design. This work is a culmination of every learning, process, subject and idea I have ever had. It would require a reading of the original text.

“Craft Future is an open-ended, Critical Inquiry. Through Creative Practice it aims to understand the relationship between Crafts as a practice, Technology as a medium and Future as speculations.

1. The Inquiry attempts to study the framework of how we look at crafts and technology through literature review, and research into their history, contemporary state and future possibilities.

2. Through hypothesis and experiments with generative Design, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing, it seeks to expand the definition of digital crafts and making. At the same time, the Inquiry analyses the issues of ownership, power and accessibility of technology through an effort at crafting an Amazon Alexa device locally, and the challenges it entails.

3. Finally, it proposes a new framework of looking at crafts through discourse with experts in the field, an emerging manifesto for crafts and a Speculative Craft Exposition of 2035, with a macro outlook and situating crafts within the conversations around the environment, sustainability, city, market, democracy and Non-Alienation


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