Data Funeral

End of Life in the Digital Age
Royal Academy of Art,Hague

Milda Vyšniauskaitė
Asami Kiuchi
Lukasz Gula
Carmen Roca
Ella Hebendanz
Yegyeong Cha

What happens to your data when you die ?

While creating this project, our team was interested in the heritage, we leave after our death, we are still alive with our social media pages. , emails, etc.

Singularity is not the same personality, but nowadays there is a third element - the online personality we have What happens with that Who owns it Does it ever disappear? completely As a team we had a discussion about mortality and immortality and we all accomplished a conclusion that we would like to be a fade away from this world. create a data funeral; a  rather symbolic funeral of the one can happen one day in the future

Mixed Tools
Sims 3


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